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Stainless Steel Brakes’ Six-Cylinder Disc Brake Conversion

SSBC brake article magazine cover

Magazine: Mustang Monthly (January 2001)
SSBC product: Standard power drum to disc brake conversion kit A120-5

Now The Thousands Of Six-Cylinder Mustangs Out There Can Have The Safety Of Disc Brakes
Previously, if you wanted disc brakes on your 170ci or 200ci six-cylinder, you had to install V-8 spindles, then convert to a V-8 disc brake setup--which would give you a five-lug wheel on the front and a four-lug wheel on the back (unless you spent more money to convert that as well). But what if you wanted a simple disc brake conversion that retained the six-cylinder’s four-lug pattern and fit behind the stock wheels? Finally, Stainless Steel Brakes has your answer ... Click here for the rest of the article

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